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  • Adult Education
    In the past, adult education was viewed mainly as a means for adults who had never completed high school and there were few options available to adults who wished to obtain a high school diploma. There are now more avenues than ever for adults to complete their basic education. Courses that train adults to pass a basic GED test as well as literacy and basic education programs are readily available, many of them state sponsored.
  • Adult Education Conference
    An adult education conference is often necessary between the student and teacher or advisor. The complexities of adult education often baffle the student who is nervous at being in the classroom and unfamiliar with education curricula.
  • Western Education System
    The education system in the United States was designed, in part, by the education systems of Europe. When settlers moved to the United States and began to build towns, they had to task of teaching their children how to survive in this new land.
  • Courses Studied
    OVERVIEW OF COURSES STUDIED. As students progress through school, they will be challenged with subjects that will become increasing more difficult as the years pass. Below is an overview of what students will learn at each level.


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