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Although working while in college is important, it's not for everyone. Working, like the rest of one's college experiences, must be kept in perspective. Working should be a complement rather than a hindrance to the student's academic activities. Try it -- if it doesn't work or if academic problems occur, talk with your academic dean. Immediately!

If working gets to be too much, consider other routes for earning cash, or modify your budget.  You should NEVER let work hold you back from achieving your dream of a college education.  There are many resources available.  Take advantage of them.  Use them.  Go to the financial aid office and discuss your situation with a counselor there.  You might be surprised at the options you will have available.

Consider some of these other tips:

• Get a work-study job if eligible. The Federal Work-Study Program offers jobs to eligible Federal financial aid recipients. If you apply for and are awarded with Federal financial aid, your award letters will identify whether or not you are eligible for work-study and the number of hours you will be allowed to work.

If you are eligible, you can then go to your financial aid office and apply for available work-study jobs. These jobs can either be on campus or off campus and are usually at a non-profit organization or public agency. These organizations generally let students work very flexible hours.

• Get a job that includes tips. Jobs with wages plus tips pay the best. So, if you are looking to earn a lot of money while in college, consider being a waiter or waitress at a local restaurant. Just keep in mind that these job hours may not be as flexible as a job on campus or a work-study job.

• Advertise your services. If you like to type or edit papers or tutor other students, why not get paid for it? Put up posters around campus that show students what you are offering and how much you charge.

No matter what route you take to make more money, try to find one that doesn’t interfere too much with your schoolwork. If you are having trouble finding the time to go to class or do your homework, try cutting back on your hours at work. Just keep in mind that eating cans of tuna and Ramen noodles is much better than failing a class.

Another component to reducing stress and maximizing your time is effectively managing your money.  Whether it comes from mom and dad or your own hard-earned paycheck, money management for college students is essential to learn.

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