Time Management Tips For College Students

How To Manage College, Work and Fun

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Another important place to de-clutter is your computer. If you can keep your files under control, you won’t be looking in 20 different folders in “My Documents” for that English paper you wrote last week. Here are some suggestions to get rid of computer clutter.

• Delete e-mail that was already read. This will keep your inbox clean.

• Reply to e-mail right away, so that your inbox does not get built up.

• Create a filing system- if you cannot reply right away, or need to save an e-mail, place in a folder made for that category. (Needs Reply, or Archives)

• Watch your “sent mail” folder. Delete things from that as well. Be sure to delete anything unnecessary from there.

• Add to your address book often. Many times people will keep an e-mail in their inbox so that they have the address when ready to write back. Instead of that, simply save the address. You’ll know where to find it later.

• Put spam filters on your e-mail account to limit inbox space. Just don’t forget to check your junk mail folder for things to slip through.

• Keep a disk or CD with your assignments from previous classes. This will keep your “My Documents” folder easier to navigate through, as well as allow for more space. In addition, you will have things backed up in case of failure.

Organization is a skill that can be learned. The most difficult part is breaking your lifelong bad habits (like letting your paperwork pile up). The key to getting better organized is to start with one small step and then take others one at a time. You may find that what you've put off for years takes only an hour to do. And once you see the benefits in one part of your life, you'll be motivated to go on.

All the time management and organization tips in the world can only help if you put them to use. Putting things off can be the biggest mistake most college students make.

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