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  Think about a stressful situation you experienced recently. Come up with both negative/irrational and productive/rational self-talk for the situation.

Example 1:

Situation: I have a huge paper due in two days.
Irrational self-talk: I'll never get it done. Why did I take that stupid class in the first place?
Rational self-talk: I've worked well under pressure in the past. I know I can do it again!

Example 2:

Situation: I came home to discover my roommate left the kitchen a mess.
Irrational self-talk: She is so disrespectful of me. Can't she think about anyone but herself?
Rational self-talk: I know my roommate has a lot going on. She would have cleaned up if she had time.

Remember that you decide which self-talk you choose to listen to. Try to monitor your self-talk and replace negative messages with constructive, rational ones.

There are also a number of relaxation techniques that can help you manage stress and also improve your concentration, productivity and overall well being.


• Find a quiet, relaxing place, where you will be alone for 10-20 minutes to do these exercises. The techniques work best if there are no distractions.

• Practice once or twice a day.

• Stick with the technique that works best for you. Not every technique will work for every person.

• Keep trying. Don't worry if you don't notice a major change immediately. You may need to practice for a few weeks before you begin to feel the benefits.

• Try one or more of the techniques described below.

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