Time Management Tips For College Students

How To Manage College, Work and Fun

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  The toughest part is not getting lazy by using that one day as a buffer. You can’t let yourself slip behind because you know you’re that much ahead already. Once you lose that day, it’s much, much harder to get it back in the middle of the semester because the pace of your classes will be picking up. If you can get ahead in that first week, the load will be much lighter.

  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Not every class is equal in difficulty, and it may be extremely hard to get that one-day edge in certain classes that have very poor books, or in classes that depend almost 100% on lecture material that doesn't come from your book.

Some classes may be just plain hard, and if you can't get a day ahead in one or two classes, that's fine. The time that you save by being ahead in your other classes will help you enormously in that really tough Microeconomics class you're taking.

If you find that reading your book is doing you no good, then go talk to your professor. If they learn that you are really trying to stay a day ahead, besides the inevitable brownie points that will follow, they will be willing to help you out. Professors are generally willing to bend over backwards for any student that is putting out a serious effort to succeed in their class.

  Let me mention that you may have some classes in which the professor has put together a "notes packet" that really does contain copies of all the overheads and notes that will be used. This could be a trap. Don't let those notes become an excuse to get lazy. Don't think that lecture really doesn't matter because you have all of the material -- get one day ahead in the class notes, and again, all of the lectures will be your own personal review sessions.

All of this does not guarantee your success at college. That’s because everyone learns differently. Try some of these suggestions and see if it doesn't leave you with more time than you would have if you tried cram sessions, group study sessions, yoga, or any other technique.

Time management is so much easier when you have control over the other parts of your life. A key concept that goes along with this is organization skills. When you are organized, it’s easier to stay on task and reduces your stress....

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