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  • This website is dedicated to college students for information tips and resources on managing time at college and schools to balance study, work and fun.
  • You’ve walked across the stage, collected your diploma and spent a summer dreaming of the freedom you’ll enjoy in college! Congratulations! You’re embarking on a journey sure to be filled with fun, new friends, new experiences, and knowledge beyond your dreams.
  • What are your goals? Really, what are your goals? Do you want to lose 10 pounds, have shinier hair, land that cute guy in your Algebra class, or get an “A” in basket weaving? Goals are important for everyone and identifying them up front helps you keep your eye on the prize.
  • TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE - it will help you manage your time well if you know where your time actually gets spent. One very helpful way of determining your actual usage of time is to track your time. The process here is like making a schedule, but it works in reverse.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT 101 -The time you spend on task has some relationship to the quality of work you end up producing. A good gauge to follow is to perform 2-3 hours of schoolwork outside class for every hour of class time.
  • Generally, college students aren’t fully prepared to organize the “stuff” in their lives. Dorm rooms can quickly get over-run with clothes, books, computers, CD’s, DVD’s, television sets, completed papers, half-completed papers, and the other effects of the college student’s life.
  • Procrastination is a schedule buster. It’s easy to put things off until later, especially when you dread the task such as writing a term paper. But in college, this is a real problem. If you put off your assignments or studying for tests, you are only hurting yourself.
  • College life is full of new experiences and anxieties. It can be the best of times and the worst of times. Meeting new people, learning, and being on your own are the best. Falling behind in class, pulling "all-nighters and final exams can be the worst.
  • STOP THE CRAMMING - Many college students don’t dedicate the right amount of time toward maximizing their studying. As we mentioned before, cramming and pulling “all-nighters” is still a fact of life on most college campuses.
  • For many college students, having to hold down a part-time or even full-time job is one that is a harsh reality. Not all of us have parents with an endless supply of cash and some of us just choose to earn our own money instead of depending on others.
  • Money certainly makes the world go ‘round, and we all need to be mindful of how much we have and where it’s going. This is especially true for college students. College expenses can be high with tuition, books, room and board, rent, gas, beer money, movie rentals, etc.
  • Parties and socializing is a huge part of college life. You should never deny yourself the right to enjoy the non-academic side of the university. You need to keep in mind, however, that partying is only a small part of the college experience.
  • More and more mature adults are going back to college to complete degrees already started, to fulfill a lifelong ambition, or to train for a new career path. Time management for non-traditional students is especially crucial as the issue of children and family contributes to the already hectic life of a full-time college student.
  • Whether you’re embarking on your college career just out of high school or later in life, time management and all that goes with it is a very important aspect of a successful college experience.
  • Learn exactly how to get better grades with less study. Have you ever wondered how to get best grades with least amount of time & effort?
  • This webpage is dedicated to news updates for college students. College news stories from around the world.
  • Time Management Articles for College and School Students
  • Identifying your Big Rocks and Managing College Student Activities- We all know how crazy college activities could get at a certain point in time What with classes, conferences, and researches, there is no wonder that some are hopelessly stressed out and confused and gets their priorities all mixed up
  • 7 Important Time Management Activities for High School Students Creating a time management is kind of like just the same as setting a budget. Just as the aim of a budget is to place an organization on your money, your aim in time management is to recover the management
  • College Students and Time Management - You all know how difficult it is to balance your studies and other activities in school, especially in examination weeks. It seems like you should do everything all at once. Students
  • Time Management for College Athletes - You finally made it through high school, passed your college entrance exams, and chose the university you are going to attend. Another great thing is that you have been given the opportunity
  • Things that Students Should Know About Time Management - Students in different schools are faced with challenges. They are faced with challenges that test their potential and capabilities to the maximum.
  • Time Management Tips for Graduate Students - During the first months in the graduate school, you feel so excited about the level of your studies. But later on, you seem to be discouraged and very much stressed. Graduate Students will always..
  • Time management in college is way different from that in high school - The kind of time management you had in high school will not work once you get to college. If you are used to procrastination backing those days.
  • Pointers for Self Discipline for Student Study and Time Management -“With my four years of existence in the company where I am working now, I commend all the successes that I achieved with all my college teachers.
  • Time Management for Student Nurses - Are you one among the people who have trouble in dealing with all your daily activities? Are you tired because you fail to manage all these activities?
  • Everything you always wanted to know about education but never asked. Here is your chnace to explore education....
  • In the past, adult education was viewed mainly as a means for adults who had never completed high school and there were few options available to adults who wished to obtain a high school diploma. There are now more avenues than ever for adults to complete their basic education. Courses that train adults to pass a basic GED test as well as literacy and basic education programs are readily available, many of them state sponsored.
  • An adult education conference is often necessary between the student and teacher or advisor. The complexities of adult education often baffle the student who is nervous at being in the classroom and unfamiliar with education curricula.
  • The education system in the United States was designed, in part, by the education systems of Europe. When settlers moved to the United States and began to build towns, they had to task of teaching their children how to survive in this new land.
  • OVERVIEW OF COURSES STUDIED. As students progress through school, they will be challenged with subjects that will become increasing more difficult as the years pass. Below is an overview of what students will learn at each level.
  • Over One Million Students Attempt To Get Into Private Schools Annually. Our Expert Teachers (PhD) Give An Almost Unfair Advantage Over The Competition By Teaching Key Strategies To Boost Scores, Covering All Facets Of The Test Using Videos.
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